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  • Egg condition: Normal. That's what I like to hear!
  • You look around. The only way out of here appears to be North as there is a wall to the south. East and West do jack-all for you.
  • Is a life without caramel yumlumps really worth living?!
  • As I suspected, the Ruins of Ehn'gha - that blasted necropolis - lie deep under the site of the mansion!
  • This is a church. Do you wish to resurrect someone?
  • "Young man, I hope you've learned a valuable lesson today." "Yes. Shooting things is fun, and useful."
  • I wonder why that Ferris wheel tried to run us down.
  • It's an enormous door. Enter/Don't Enter
  • So many different types of useful figs!
  • Don't tell me you actually HAVE a favorite ten-digit number.
  • With your current Diligence, you can make 1 more attempts.